“There is a lot to be said for brevity. And we at Touchstone believe that great writing can blossom in small spaces, and personally I believe that flash fiction can be incredibly rewarding. While I don’t support the idea of telling writers what to do, I can say that I am attentive to flash that balances (perhaps unevenly) poetry with narrative, with attention given to every loaded exchange, every unpleasant, audacious, or kindhearted action, and the context in which the scene, story, or moment is taking place. I also encourage potential contributors to begin at moments of conflict and absorb themselves in endings that evoke readers, leaving them feeling curious, puzzled, content, betrayed, and startled. Lastly, “rules” in writing as in life, I believe are there to be, if not broken, at least bent a little. So please explore, experiment, and investigate as you write.”


Submissions should not exceed 750 words. You may submit up to three (3) flash fiction pieces at a time.

Please attach submissions as a Word document in an email to touch@ksu.edu with the subject line: “Flash Fiction.” In addition, please include a brief bio about yourself.

Unfortunately, at this time we cannot offer winners any cash prize, however, winning flash fiction will be promoted across our various social media platforms and on our website to be read by our loyal reader base.

Submission to Touchstone implies permission to publish. Writers retain all later publication rights. Touchstone accepts simultaneous submissions.

For more detailed information about the submission process, visit our Submissions Page.


DEC. 15th, 2017