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"Best Laid Plans" by Megan Zeman

Twelve piquè tours de dedans, six double pirouettes, all en pointe and framed by two penchè arabesques. No big deal. It was the day of my American Ballet Theatre audition, and I had five more minutes to warm up before I was unceremoniously shoved into the cattle call line with the rest of the dreamers...

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"Loneliness" by Brenna Leahy

In the car, on their way back from her grandmother Mae’s house, Abigail felt that they were not alone. It was a girl this time, red hair with curls that lay coiled like snakes against the pale skin on the girl’s neck. She sat in the back seat next to Lila’s sleeping form as if she were waiting for something....

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"Oblivion" by Anna Meyer

Reese writes the first time off as an accident because she’s newly single, and they meet in June over Red Eye’s at Whistler. Fucking hell, she thinks, ducking her warm face when bright eyes stare back. The woman chuckles with a hand over her dark lips. Then she uncrosses her glossy legs and slides over...

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